Ibones De Bachimaña

2200 m

  Refugi guardat tot l'any
Refugio de los Ibones De Bachimaña (Los Ibones de Bachimaña Mountain Hut) is located in the municipality of Panticosa, in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees. This new and modern mountain hut is dually equipped to serve as a sports facility as well as a to provide public services, offering guests a wide range of mountain activities. The Casa de Piedra mountain hut, in the Balneario de Panticosa, supplements the services offered at Ibones of Bachimaña, expanding their potential use given the short distance between the two. Refugio de los Ibones de Bachimaña (Los Ibones de Bachimaña Mountain Hut) is located on slopes that lead to an entire series of glacial cirques. The floor of the cirque is today dotted by several lakes, including Gramatuero and Pezico and the well-known Ibones Azules, and topped by an impressive range of stunning peaks and ridges, some –like Los Infiernos, La Gran Facha and El Garmo Negro y Argualas– higher than 3,000 meters. The mountain hut is also located along the GR11 Pyrenees Trail, perfect for hiking, climbing and a range of activities for different levels.
Avís del guarda
Aquest establiment compta amb els mesures necessàries per prevenir la infecció del COVID

Dades tècniques:

  • Municipi: Panticosa
  • Propietat: Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo
  • Administrat per: Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo
  • Telèfon / fax: +34 (697) 126967
  • Temporada: Open all year
  • Capacity : 80
  • E-mail :
  • Web :


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