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Balaitous-Gran Facha-Vignemale



Arrémoulit refuge - Col d'Arrémoulit - Respomuso refuge

  • Col d'Arrémoulit y Pico Arriel

  • Ibón de Arriel Alto

  • Lac d'Arrémoulit y Pico Arriel


  • Time2h 55'
  • Vertical rise335 m
  • Vertical descent465 m
  • Horizontal distance8,5 Km
  • Type of journeyMountain Crossing
  • Severity of the natural environment3
  • Orientation3
  • Difficulty in movement3
  • Amount of effort required2
Valuation method used MIDE
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Arrémoulit refuge (2305 m) is the starting point of this route. The first part takes place on land where there are no paths or tracks, and we will therefore need to use our sense of direction and pay attention to the markers and cairns.

After leaving the refuge behind us, we head east bordering the lake next to the refuge, and soon we will see a post indicating the route to Col de Palas to the left (crossing with routes 13 and 28). Bear right, towards the southeast, leaving the lake behind you and gaining height over pasture land and rock fields. The slope is fairly gentle but is constant all the way up to Col d'Arremoulit (2446 m), which marks the summit of the walk. On the Spanish side, the terrain changes and becomes more barren. We descend down a stony mountainside to the banks of Ibón d'Arriel Alto lake (2235 m). There is still no clear path, but the cairns and the view of the lake mean we are able to find the way. Nearby there is a wide grassy area indicating that walking will become easier. Go round the lake on the right side in in search of the south end of the lake, where there is a dam containing the water. A few metres before the dam there is a path that makes walking easier and, gently descending (crossing with route 09), takes us to the different Arrieles lakes. Below the second lake, after walking through a narrow passage, there is a fork where we bear left following the stony path. Leaving the last two smaller lakes behind us the path bears eastwards and borders the south side of Frondellas. Respomuso dam comes into sight and the path becomes more apparent. In the area near the dam, just a few metres from Virgen de las Nieves hermitage, there is a signpost at a crossroads (crossing with route 01)., which is where we joint GR 11 long distance footpath. We zigzag upwards towards the left and gain height over the reservoir and after bordering the north bank we return to Respomuso refuge (2200 m).


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