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Lac d'Artouste - Arrémoulit refuge

  • Lac d'Artouste

  • Lac d'Artouste

  • Lac d'Artouste


  • Time1h 25'
  • Vertical rise375 m
  • Vertical descent40 m
  • Horizontal distance3,4 Km
  • Type of journeyMountain Crossing
  • Severity of the natural environment2
  • Orientation2
  • Difficulty in movement2
  • Amount of effort required2
Valuation method used MIDE
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Next to Lax de Fabrèges (1934 m) in Ossau valley, Artouste-Fabrèges ski station is located. The ski lift, which in just a few minutes, effortlessly takes us up the hill separating the car park next to the lake from the ski station facilities where the Lac d'Artouste tourist train station is (1934 m). This small railway was built for transporting the material and tools that were used to build Artouste dam. It is now kept working for tourists, and offers its passengers the chance of some spectacular panoramic views and also enables them to reach the starting point of this walk.

An obvious path leads away from the platform at the higher station (1911 m) and undulates through rocky terrain taking us uphill in a southerly direction towards the nearby Lac d'Artouste (1997 m). In just a few minutes we reach a metal bridge located under a secondary dam in the lake (crossing with route 12). A signpost points the path to follow, which, without crossing over the bridge borders around the left side (west). At the end of the lake the cirque closes off and we zigzag upwards. We soon reach a fork where there is a signpost. The path to the right leads to Col d'Arrious. To the left, which we need to take, ascends the mountainside on a zigzagging path before we reach a plain where the Lacs d'Arrémoulit are found. In spite of the steep climb, it is fairly easy going on an even path which is marked with cairns. We then reach a flatter area where there is a lake we have to go around. We will quickly see the small dam that holds back the water in the biggest of the Arrémoulit lakes. We head towards the dam and cross over to the other side of the stream and finally reach the small Arrémoulit refuge (2305 m), which is easily visible from the dam.


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