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Respomuso ref. - Frondiellas peaks

  • Picos de las Frondiellas


  • Time5h 10'
  • Vertical rise895 m
  • Vertical descent895 m
  • Horizontal distance5,9 Km
  • Type of journeyReturn
  • Severity of the natural environment4
  • Orientation3
  • Difficulty in movement5
  • Amount of effort required3
Valuation method used MIDE
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From Respomuso refuge (2200 m) a good path heads towards the north up the right bank of Respomuso ravine. After a short steep climb, at around 2300 m, the valley opens up a little and a metal sign indicates a fork where this path splits in two, the other path to the right heading to Balaitús (crossing with route 27). We bear left at this point and gain altitude over arduous scree that descends from the base of Le Bondidier ridge. Following cairns and partial paths the route gradually aims north and takes us upwards to said ridge, which should be to our right. It takes us over some rough terrain making it fairly hard going.

The cirque closes in and the steep slope and risk of falling stones mean the use of helmets is recommended. The face has several weak points that permit us to reach the summit ridge. The different options are visible as we approach the base of the wall, and some cairns indicate possible routes. If there is snow in the central channel, this will be the easiest alternative. But if it is free from snow the terrain beneath is rather broken and exposed. We have to head towards a chimney located further to the left, which is a simple climb with plenty of hand and foot holds. The landscape is sheer and beautiful, but does call for maximum care to be taken.

Once this ledge has been overcome we head directly for the summit of Frondiella Central (3049 m). If you wish to continue on to the highest of the Frondiellas summits, you will have to follow a simple ridge northeast to reach the summit of Frondiella Principal (3058 m).

We return by retracing our steps on the same route.


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