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Arrémoulit ref. - Cuello de Soba - Arriel peak

  • Descanso den el Cuello de Soba

  • Paso Orteig

  • Collado y Picos de Arriel

  • Refugio de Arrémoulit


  • Time5h 10'
  • Vertical rise895 m
  • Vertical descent895 m
  • Horizontal distance8,4 Km
  • Type of journeyReturn
  • Severity of the natural environment3
  • Orientation3
  • Difficulty in movement4
  • Amount of effort required3
Valuation method used MIDE
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From Arrémoulit refuge (2305 m) we cross the dam and follow the path leading upwards to the west. After a few minutes walk we will reach Orteig pass, a narrow overhanging strip that crosses the vertical north face of Pic d'Arrious. There is a rope fitted at the pass, although some of the anchors are broken. It is not as difficult as it looks, although we do need to progress with caution and prudence, and in bad weather or if there is snow or ice, it can be rather exposed. After traversing the ledge we arrive at Lac d'Arrious, where there is crossing of two footpaths on the north side of the ridge. The descent to the right leads down to Col d'Arrious. We take the left path upwards heading south until we reach the border crossing of Cuello de Soba (2444 m) (crossing with route 23).

We bear left and border round the south side of Pequeño Arriel following the markings and some sections of footpath. We remain at the same altitude and then head directly up the slope leading to Cuello d'Arriel (2679 m). From the mountain pass the ascent reaches the final stage towards the southeast along a steep ridge crossing rock that is not always in ideal conditions. Although it is not difficult it is somewhat exposed at some points and we will need to use our hands to negotiate the most vertical stretches. Just a few metres before reaching the summit we have to cross a very narrow, overhanging ledge. It is simple, but because it is so exposed no mistakes can be made. This is the final obstacle before reaching the summit of Arriel Peak (2822 m).

The way back is on the same route.


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