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Wallon-Marcadau refuge - Pont d'Espagne car park

  • Acceso al refugio de Wallon

  • Ref. de Wallon-Marcadau

  • Valle de Marcadau

  • Valle de Marcadau


  • Time2h 30'
  • Vertical rise85 m
  • Vertical descent470 m
  • Horizontal distance7,9 Km
  • Type of journeyMountain Crossing
  • Severity of the natural environment2
  • Orientation2
  • Difficulty in movement2
  • Amount of effort required2
Valuation method used MIDE
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From Wallon-Marcadau refuge (1865 m), an obvious path descends gently in an easterly direction. Several minutes along this path we will reach a crossing next to a bridge (crossing with routes 18 and 20). We ignore the path that crosses over the river heading off towards Arratille, but continue our descent on the left bank of the river. The path is obvious and passes by Fountaine des Espagnols (1808 m) before taking us to Pont d'Estalounqué (1712 m).

We then cross over to the opposite bank and follow the route, over somewhat stony, forest terrain. A short, steeper decline takes us on a zigzagging footpath leading to the entrance to Pla du Cayan. Here the path becomes a wide track heading north, and runs through the entire length of this big meadow. Near the end of the plain we join the paved road and follow it. Lac du Paradis (1619 m) is on our left shortly after descending Plateau du Clot. The road crosses the river over a bridge and passes by Regugie du Clot (1522 m). We leave Plateau du Clot behind us and walk downhill to the lodge located next to Pont d'Espagne (1496 m) (crossing with route 04). Without crossing the bridge the route leaves the road to the left and we follow a zigzagging track before crossing the river over a footbridge. We will soon find ourselves on the paved road again and the GR 10 markings. Bearing left, in just a few minutes we will be back at the information point and Pont d'Espagne car park (1460 m).


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