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Casa de Piedra refuge - Garmo Negro summit

  • Camino de subida al Garmo Negro

  • Collata Argualas

  • Garmo Negro desde la Majada Alta

  • Vista a Ordicuso desde la Majada Baja


  • Time8h 30'
  • Vertical rise1430 m
  • Vertical descent1430 m
  • Horizontal distance11,1 Km
  • Type of journeyReturn
  • Severity of the natural environment3
  • Orientation3
  • Difficulty in movement3
  • Amount of effort required4
Valuation method used MIDE
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This ascent starts at Casa de Piedra refuge (1636 m). We have to go to the west part of the Spa next to a bridge where we will see a good path zigzagging upwards through a forested mountainside. The path follows close to the Argualas ravine going up on the left bank and reaching the wide Mallata Baxa deras Argualas. We leave the pine trees behind us and the incline levels off a little and the landscape opens up. We soon pass a footpath to the left leading to Basas deras Ranas or Ibones de Ordicuso, and bear right once again zigzagging easily up the steep slope preceding Mallata Alta deras Argualas (2180 m).

On this rocky plain there is a painted marking on a big boulder indicating the route to take to Ibón deros Arnals to the right. We ignore this sign and go straight on at the fork ascending in a north-easterly direction up the right side of "Mallata". We cross a rock field which we leave along a narrow channel and gain height constantly heading to the base of the rock face ahead of us. The path takes us to the base of the east crag of Garmo ignoring the cairns that indicate the way to Collat Pondiellos and head west. We then border round up a gently slope between meadows and areas of granite at first and afterwards over an enormous scree at the base of Garmo Negro. We border round the rock face and up a wide pass leading to a small cirque at the foot of Garmo Negro, El Algas and El Argualas. The ridge joining these three summits surrounds the landscape and often is filled with snow until well into the summer. You should ask at the refuge about the need to take ice axes and crampons in this area and the remaining part of the ascent. A path starts to split to the right (north) in a multitude of different small paths in an attempt to find the best way up the slope and the last pitch. All of them merge close to the summit of Garmo Negro de Pondiellos (3066 m) which we reach along the west side after a short, simple walk up the ridge.    

We return by retracing our steps on the same route.


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