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Balaitous-Gran Facha-Vignemale



Oulettes de Gaube refuge - Hourquette d'Ossoue - Bayssellance refuge

  • Macizo del Vignemale

  • Senderista con el Pique Longue

  • Refugio de Oulettes de Gaube

  • Refugio de Bayssellance


  • Time2h 15'
  • Vertical rise585 m
  • Vertical descent110 m
  • Horizontal distance4,7 Km
  • Type of journeyMountain Crossing
  • Severity of the natural environment2
  • Orientation2
  • Difficulty in movement3
  • Amount of effort required2
Valuation method used MIDE
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From Oulettes de Gaube pass (2158 m) a path can be seen to the left which the GR 10 long distance footpath follows which is marked through the entire route described here. We follow this path which leads out of the Oulettes de Gaube plain and starts to ascend the side of the valley. We follow the long path, diagonal at first and then zigzagging to constantly gain height. We pass by Fountaine du Centenaire and near the end of the zigzags we pass a path to the left leading to Col d'Arraillé. The path heads towards the south and the slope levels off somewhat. The Arraillé lakes are to our left while we continue our constant climb towards Hourquette d'Ossoue. On the last part of the ascent there is a big rock field making the path a lot more difficult. The slope steepens at this point before finally reaching the Hourquette d’Ossoue pass (2734 m) (crossing with route 31).

Fromthe pass we can choose to go up to the summitofPetitVignemale, following the path that breaks away from the GR long distance footpath and which leads up to the summit taking approximately 1 h (route 31). From the passatHourquette the refuge located on a natural balcony overlooking Barranco d’Ossoue can be seen. Only a short descent remains towards the east following a well-trodden path leading to Baysellance refuge (2654m).


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