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Ibones de Bachimaña ref. - Cuello dero Letero - Col d'Arratille - Wallon-Marcadau ref.

  • Cabecera del río Ara

  • Col d'Arratille

  • Lac du Col d'Arratille

  • Valle del Ara


  • Time6h 55'
  • Vertical rise1005 m
  • Vertical descent1320 m
  • Horizontal distance17,4 Km
  • Type of journeyMountain Crossing
  • Severity of the natural environment4
  • Orientation3
  • Difficulty in movement3
  • Amount of effort required4
Valuation method used MIDE
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From Ibones de Bachimaña lakes (2197 m) a path leads towards the dam at Ibón Alto de Bachimaña to border round the east side of the lake. The route takes us over Mal Paso, a sloping shelf with an easy climb with the help of the fitted rope. We pass by Mallata de la Canal cabin and later on wade across the stream coming down from Ibón Baxo de Gramatuero next to a telecommunications post. We then head up to the lake (2293 m), cross over the dam and follow the south bank to the end where the hard ascent up to Ibón Alto de Gramatuero begins (2510 m). The walk then heads southwards bordering round the lake over a rather difficult boulder field and then, from the end of the lake we head east up to Cuello dero Letrero (2642 m).

There is no obvious path here but the cairns indicate the descent down a steep slope to Ibón deras Neberas (2381 m) which it borders round on the north side. When we reach the end of the lake pay attention to the cairns that indicate the route down and turn to the left (crossing with route 19), heading towards the grassy plain below. There is no path here but the route heads towards the top of the valley over a steeper rock field to reach Col d'Arratille or Coth d'Arratilha (2526 m) (crossing with route 18).

A short distance before the pass there are some painted markings indicating the final metres of the ascent. These markings continue along the first part of the descent down the French side that borders Lac du Col d'Arratille (2507 m) on a path to the right side. At the end of the stony ground the markings disappear once again but the cairns and the obvious path mean we are able to head down the valley bordering round the left side of Lou d'Arratilja (2247 m). A small bridge leads us across the outlet from the lake and the path moves away from the river to cross a rocky outcrop. Once over the outcrop we return to the banks of the river and follow it to Gaba d'Arratilha. After crossing a bridge (1813 m) (crossing with route 03), the path joins the route between Pont d'Espagne and Marcadau - Wallon refuge (1865 m). We then follow this path to the left and, after a short climb, we arrive at the refuge.


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