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  Refuge has a manager for part of the year
The Refugi d’Ulldeter mountain hut celebrated its centenary in 2009. The current building replaced and earlier one. The first mountain hut was located close to the source of the River Ter, on the slopes of Puig dels Lladres, a privileged location with views over the valley. That building, in a noucentista style designed by Jeroni Martorell, catered to all the expectations of the Catalan middle classes who were the patrons of scientific innovation and revitalising Catalan culture at the time. The former mountain hut was an iconic structure built by the Hiking Society of Catalonia and its then chairman, Cèsar August Torras. It contained areas designed to offer mountaineers rest, such as a dining room and bedrooms, and spaces to accommodate the scientific spirit, such as a camera obscura and pigeon station, among others. In keeping with nationalistic ideals, it showcased the land through its landscape and traditions. The mountain hut was officially opened on 25 July 1909, coinciding with the uprisings in Barcelona known as the Setmana Tràgica (Tragic Week). With time, problems with the mortar caused the progressive deterioration of the structure, despite the roof being tarred to make it waterproof. History would also take its toll after its occupation by mountain militias during the Spanish Civil War, and its abandonment led to its ruin. The building eventually collapsed. Only a few traces currently remain of what was at the time the first mountain hut on this side of the Pyrenees. In the mid-twentieth century, the idea began to take shape of rebuilding the mountain hut at a more sheltered location on the slopes of Puig dels Lladres, at the tree line where the forest of mountain pines ended. On the initiative of the Hiking Society of Catalonia, the project became a reality under the leadership of the architect Jordi Bonet, who chose a more compact design that was better suited to the time. The current building of the Refugi d’Ulldeter was officially opened on 29 June 1959.

Technical spec.:

  • Municipality: Setcases
  • Property: Centre Excursionista de Catalunya
  • Managed by: Centre Excursionista de Catalunya
  • Phone/fax: +34(619)514159 /+34(972)192004
  • Season: Open all year round, by reservation only
  • Capacity : 57
  • Email :
  • Web :


Refuge with manager and with 57 places available
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Refuge without manager and with 12 places available