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2200 m

  Refuge has a year-round manager
The Refugio de Respomuso (Respomuso muntain ht) is located on the banks of the tarn bearing the same name, in the Piedrafita cirque and on the skirts of mount Balaitus, the westernmost three-thousand in the Pyrenees. The special high mountain features of this cirque, with its jagged peaks, crests and glaciers make it a famous spot for all mountain sports in the Pyrenees. It was built in 1993.

Technical spec.:

  • Municipality: Sallent de Gállego
  • Property: Gobierno de Aragón
  • Managed by: Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo
  • Phone/fax: +34 (974) 337556
  • Season: Opens seasonally.
  • Capacity : 90
  • Email :
  • Web :


Refuge with manager and with 90 places available