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Bayssellance refuge - Barrage d’Ossoue car park

  • Cascada

  • Grottes Belleuve

  • Nevero en la ruta

  • Oulettes d'Ossoue


  • Time2h 35'
  • Vertical rise120 m
  • Vertical descent910 m
  • Horizontal distance6,2 Km
  • Type of journeyMountain Crossing
  • Severity of the natural environment3
  • Orientation2
  • Difficulty in movement2
  • Amount of effort required3
Valuation method used MIDE
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Bayssellance refuge (2654 m) is located at the head of a steep valley fed by the waters running out of Ossue ravine. Because of the steep sides, this route descends and is signposted GR 10 along the entire route.

An easy path faces southeast from the refuge. The first part of the path descends moderately (crossing with route 30) before shortly afterwards following a steeper mountainside where Grottes Bellevue (2440 m) are found, a group of grottos excavated on the initiative and paid for by Henry Russel, a pioneer in Pyreneen mountain climbing in the 19th century. Leaving the Ossoue glacier behind, we later cross a rocky patch where the path, opened with pickaxes and drills, means we have to take care and pay attention to where we walk. Once we overcome this stretch, the path is more even and the descent continuous. Other steeper areas mean this route takes place sometimes at height (once again caution) to reach the plain marking the end of the route. We access this plateau at its entrance and cross to the left side of the ravine. The path is less obvious on some of the stony stretches, but the GR 10 markings and the lake that should always be visible will guide us. We will then reach Barrage d'Ossoue (1861 m) which is the end of the route.

It is possible to reach Barrage d'Ossoue by car if the road from Gavarnie is open. It is usually open in summer and early autumn, providing there are not any rockfalls causing the road to be closed. With the first snowfalls, the road is closed to traffic and usually remains so until well into the spring. You will have to ask if the road is open at Gavarnie tourist information office.


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